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About us

State budgetary healthcare institution, Sanatorium Pushkino

The sanatorium "Pushkino" was laid with a special safety factor, especially favorable conditions for living and recreation, is largely due to its status of sanatorium of the CPSU. Prevention and treatment and rehabilitation of those who suffered from diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system. Uniqueness medical-diagnostic program: rehabilitation after breast surgery relative with cancer.

  The sanatorium "Pushkino" is located in the central part of Russia with a mild climate, conducive to treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases. On the territory of 205 hectares of mixed forest with a park, birch and linden alleys, flower beds with ornamental plants, picturesque lakes located the body resorts, 2 bedrooms housing, connected warm transitions with medical-diagnostic building, dining room, gym and swimming pool, 1 detached dormitory village 25 two-storey cottages.

  Diagnostic base equipped with imported and domestic equipment, meets all the requirements of modern medicine.

  Santoro has a license to extend the prescription sheets of temporary disability.

  During the rehabilitation are widely used all methods of spa treatment: diet therapy, exercise stress, including physical therapy and training on simulators; halotherapy, oxygen therapy, massage, inhalation; vacuum massage and other techniques of reflexology; aromo-iono therapy; laser therapy, including postoperative scarring; psychotherapy; physiotherapy; Dry-air carbon dioxide baths; normobaric gipoksigenatsiya and more.

  The treatment program is made individually for each patient.

  If necessary, the doctors involved: a nutritionist, a neurologist, pulmonologist, acupuncture, endocrinologist, physiotherapist, doctor of functional diagnostics.

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